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• Once the client makes a reservation, he/she is responsible for having a copy of said reservation at all times, knowing the conditions and complying with them.
• At the time of making the reservation, 50% of the total price will be requested as a cancellation deposit.
• Check-in is from 4 p.m. on the day of your arrival until 9:00 p.m. or at a previously agreed time.
• The client will have to present the ID cards of all the guests who wish to stay in the hostel at the reception.
• In the case of groups, if not all members arrive at the agreed time, the representative must bring a photocopy of all ID cards in order to register the group.
• North SurfHouse will check the validity of a credit card as a guarantee. In case of the absence of a credit or debit card, the hostel is entitled to request a cash guarantee.
• Full payment of the reservation must be made at the time of check-in.
• All personal information collected at the time of check-in (name, ID, telephone or additional information) is protected under the Data Protection Law.

• Check-out must be done before 12 a.m. on the day of departure.
• It is possible to arrange a late check-out, at an additional cost, as long as the hostel has availability and it has been previously agreed upon.
• In case of delay when leaving the room, the hostel will charge 100% of the price for one night as a fine.
• At the time of check-out, if there is no staff present in the hostel, the keys have to be deposited in the indicated mailbox.

The client may change the dates of the reservations at least 10 days in advance, provided that the newly requested dates are available.

• In case of cancellation, 50% deposit will be refunded if said cancellation is made 15 days prior to the reservation
• If you cancel 14 days or less in advance, the deposit made by the client will not be refunded.

• The sheets will be changed on the day of departure. If they get dirty or tear during the stay, the client will have to inform the staff in order to change them.
• After cooking it is mandatory to clean the kitchen utensils for their next use.
• After using the dining tables, they will have to be cleaned so the next guests can enjoy a clean table as well.
• The client will keep the common areas clean so that everyone can enjoy a pleasant holiday.
• The cleaning staff will clean the bathrooms daily and replace the toilet paper.

• Pets are not allowed inside the hostel.
• During nighttime, it is mandatory to keep silent and respect the rest of other clients that are staying in the hostel. In the event that excessive noise is reported during the night, the staff will take the appropriate measures.
• In compliance with current legislation, smoking is prohibited inside the hostel.
• In case of damage, theft or misuse of the contents of the house, the amount of the damage will be charged to the customer’s credit or debit card.
• In case of loss or theft of the keys, € 10 will be charged to the customer’s credit or debit card.

• There is no 24-hour reception at the hostel, so if the client needs to contact our staff, they will have to do so at the following numbers: +34 691669179 / +34 626874487.
• The hostel will not provide towels.
• The hostel is not responsible for cash, jewellery or valuables that are not stored in the corresponding lockers of each client.
• Water is a scarce asset, please use it rationally.
• Please close the exit doors to avoid possible theft.
• If the customer has a problem with the arcade or vending machine, please contact us and we will solve it as soon as possible[/vc_column_text]


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